Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Herons and an Indigo Bunting

These two Green Herons were showing off. At first I was sneaking around slowly and quietly snapping photos like crazy. Then I realized they really didn’t mind me being there so much. That gave me a little more confidence and flexibility. You can’t help but notice the algae laden pond. The herons would watch for movement under the layer of algae and strike lightning quick and come up with a minnow or tadpole. How they managed their success I’ll never know. After leaving the pond and making my way across an open field I came upon the Indigo Bunting. He kept his distance but he did give me a few photos. Then I was stopped by a butterfly setting on a thistle plant showing his colors. It was a fine day.

Indigo Bunting (non-breeding plumage)


texwisgirl said...

oh these are just wonderful!!! first, the herons are usually so shy so you got some fantastic shots (you must be a heron whisperer!) second, SO jealous on the indigo! i've never seen on in person. third, that butterfly shot is one of the best color contrasts i've seen of the swallowtail... just beautiful!

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

The heron shots are excellent and the bunting is beautiful as well. Our butterflies have been conspiring to prevent my getting a shot. As soon as I start to focus on one it vanishes.