Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From A Fog to a Parking Lot

Whew... Been away for awhile. Did get a few photos though. The first few were unexpected special effects. Taking an air conditioned camera out into a 90 degree very humid morning in Tennessee. The protective lens cover became an immediate fog filter. The ducks came by, I picked up my camera and directed it toward my quarry and discovered my problem. Kept shooting (taking pics) and came up with what you see here. You will be able to tell when the fog cleared. The female Mallard kept a watchful eye on me as she paddled away. The Great Blue Heron gave me a few photos before I got too close for comfort. The Cardinal kind of looked like he just came back from a bar fight. Poor fellow looked a bit beat up. We came across a Mimosa tree, I hav't seen one of them in bloom in a very long time. I had to take a photo. Then as we were walking back to the car, a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly was dabbing up the minerals from a moist area of the parking lot.
Mood effects...
The estranged Park Ducks
No food, we're out of here
Female Mallard, cruising the lake's edge 
Female Mallard... Aah, ya surprised me

Camera, no gun, but I'm watchin' ya anyways
Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron
Northern Cardinal... Ooi, I feel not so good.

You should see the other guy
 Joyful and fluffy Mimosa is a true decoration of nature
Tiger Swallowtail


TexWisGirl said...

great shots - even the fogged ones. love the mallard hen giving you the sly look slightly over her shoulder. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Larry!! Your beautiful pictures and post is full of many of my favorite things--One being a Mimosa tree that I would love to have in my yard!

Larry Ostby said...

Theresa, thank you, she is kind of special.

Kim, thank you, I think they may be a messy yard tree. They also have bean pods that shed as the season wears on. But beautiful nun-the-less.

grammie g said...

Hi Larry ...loved your camera story...
Ya I knew when the fog lifted, but you know I like those shots pretty cool effect lol
That poor Cardinal..just love those guys!!
The Mimosa is a beauty...looks exotic...even the pods look nice!!
That Swallowtail photo is my fav. a perfect one..doesn't have any tattered look at all !
Hope you don't have to many foggy experiences in the future!! lol

Joe said...

The Cardinal does look like it was on the wrong end of the fight.

Julie G. said...

Lovely nature images so beautiful and serene! The images of the Great Blue Heron are especially stunning. Terrific details in your photographs. Always a pleasure to view your wonderful blog!

Larry Ostby said...

grammie, thank you, every chance I get I like to take photos of butterflies.

Joe, don't know what happened but I do know ma nature isn't always kind.

Thank you Julie, your comments are truly appreciated.