Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lilypons... Ya Gotta Love It

The Lilypons Water Garden has been one of my most favorite birding, wildlife and nature photo sanctuaries in my local neighborhood. Even if I go and never take a photo, just being there and walking throughout the area is rewarding enough. Although I must say not taking a photo is very rare. Please enjoy some of the Lilypons pleasures.
First, a very brief history of the Lilypons Water Gardens, (taken from their web site).   
In 1917 G. Leicester Thomas, Sr., a Frederick county landowner and entrepreneur, turned his goldfish and water lily hobby into a business, Three Springs Fisheries. The business was so successful that in 1925 Leicester expanded and purchased the current 250-acre tract of land that is Lilypons Water Gardens.

Just five years later, the first Three Springs Fisheries catalog was mailed with great success! By 1935, the U.S.Postal Service decided that a post office must be established to handle the mail order parcels.

And the name for this new post office? Leicester's favorite operatic diva, Lily Pons, was then at the height of her career, playing lead roles in Hollywood films and thrilling audiences as a regular star at American and international opera houses. How perfect to name a place full of lily ponds after Lily Pons, the graceful opera star! Lily's publicity staff agreed, but the U.S. Postal Services wanted one word-thus Lilypons, Maryland became the new post office. On June 20, 1936, the post office was dedicated to Lily Pons. Miss Pons was present for the event, which was celebrated with much pomp and circumstance!

You just gotta love this guy
Several Purple Martin houses throughout the area help with the mosquito population... Somewhat 


texwisgirl said...

i couldn't get the video to work, but my lordy these are gorgeous photos! LOVE lily ponds aka Lilypons!

Larry Ostby said...

Umm... I posted no video. I'm not sure what you are seeing but I'll check it out.