Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me Me Me Pick Me

I can’t help it; they were posing so I obliged their narcissistic venue. They were begging for attention, a mate. Male Red-winged Blackbirds do everything they can to get noticed. I just happened to be close by. They are very plentiful especially this time of year, a familiar sight atop cattails here at the Lilypons Water Garden. As I am being entertained by the blackbirds, I notice an osprey being pestered by the same nemesis. The tormenting went for only a few moments and it was over. The gardens are starting to bloom, this is only the beginning... Just wait.

Here I am bold and beautiful

What you see is what you get

Look at this pose

This is what you get
Mememe... I'm the one
OK already... It's me you want
I'm waiting...
Oh oh... He's back
This is the last ride you're gittin'
Morning dew
Water jewels


texwisgirl said...

i wasn't able to play the video, but the photos are great. love the 'pick me, pick me!' too funny!

Steve Ferendo said...

Video no worky for me, either. Nice photos of the Redwings and Osprey.