Friday, May 6, 2011

The Given Gifts of Beauty

“One of the most exciting ways to teach anyone about the natural world is to take them outdoors.”
-The National Audubon Society-

The beginning of all days and all creatures, feathered, furred or scaled are presented to us in countless methods of striking presentations. All we need to do is our best to represent what is offered to us. As I observe and photograph, that is what I try to do. These photos were taken in three different locations in as many weeks.


Rusty Blackbird
Boat-tail Blackbird 
Bald Eagle
Whitetail Deer
Box Turtle

Canadian Goose families
Great Blue Heron

Orchard Oriole

Red Wing Blackbird-fm

 Solitary Sandpiper
Virginia Rail

1 comment:

texwisgirl said...

such fantastic photos!! the bluebird sitting on the house with the wirlygig on top made me chuckle - looks like the bird is not impressed by the 'improvements'. :)