Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Canada Goose...

A Canada Goose threat display may involve head pumping, bill opened with tongue raised, hissing, honking, and vibrating neck feathers. When an intruding goose doesn't retreat, geese may grab each other by breast or throat and hit each other with their wings. Fighting may result in injuries. 

A threat has been detected

The challenge is accepted 

Putting on the breaks

For the moment the clash has ended.

The threats are being voiced.

This is how big I am.

Another intruder.

Just chillin'

I'm just a spectator.


Bob Bushell said...

Great,you showed him very well, beautiful images.

TexWisGirl said...

love this series! even with all the splashing and thrashing around, the water is clear enough to throw back some awesome reflections! some of these look like paintings! beautiful!

Unknown said...

Yea great photos that actually tell a story. Your patience and skills are quit commendable. FYI I get out allot and use this weather app from It has several good features like you can upload your own pictures and set weather parameters and get alerted when they are forecast.