Monday, April 18, 2011

Snakes, Frogs, Turtles... Oh... and Birds

Located just outside Knoxville Tennessee is Ijams Nature Center, a 275-acre wildlife sanctuary offering it's visitors miles of hiking trails, among many other programs and events. By the time we arrived at the Center, some time after 1 PM there was a significant crowd of visitors hiking and biking the park. With their pets. The area had a high wildlife potential but arriving early or staying later may have been the more prudent way to approach this visit. Any way, we selected a trail that led us to a rather secluded bog that offered some wildlife of a different sort. My wife and daughter did just fine until we came across the brown water snake. Neither of them are snake people. They kept their distance while I took photos.

Brown Water Snake


Painted Turtles

Boat-Tail Blackbird

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Steve Ferendo said...

Nice pics of the reptiles. I really like the mountain wallpaper on the blog. Makes me homesick. :(