Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Black Ducks, Mallards, Mergansers and Tundra Swans... Oh My

I had a good day today. Started out at a small local park called Pine Cliff in Frederick county. It's generally used for picnicking, softball and baseball. The entire west side of the park is bordered by the Monocacy River, that's why I dropped by. Hoping to see some kind of activity on or near the river. Nothing, not even a shadow of something. So... I jumped back into the truck and was heading out of the park. I'm through the gate and on my way up and out on the exit road. I looked down into a small pond created by snow melt and rain and saw some mallards. I was able to get a few pics before they exited. 

My next stop was a favorite location paralleling again the Monocacy River. Here I often see the Common Merganser and today didn't fail me. But, I also for the first time saw and photographed an American Black Duck.

After the Monocacy River I headed over to Lily Pons and from the bridge I saw the two Tundra Swans you see here. As you can see they had some passing company.

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