Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Guessing We Got Lucky

We had a purpose when we left the house that morning and that was to hopefully find and photograph a piebald deer that has been seen in the area on a number of occasions. Steve has posted several photos on his blog. This was my first trip. It didn't take long before we got our opportunity. We were able to follow her for several minutes before her and  her companions had enough and bolted away. Then a little later in the morning we came upon another piebald. A buck. At the least an 8 pointer and possibly a 10. I was fortunate to get a few photos before he disappeared into the woods. What a treat that was. As you can see he has broken off a major portion of the main left beam. Also notice the length of the brow tines, 6 or 8 inches at least. I magnified one of the images for a better view.

Same animal different conditions.

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Steve Ferendo said...

I just heard today that both of these deer did not survive the hunting season. I hope their genes are passed along to another generation.